Starting Thursday night, some fun, 折衷的 things to do

Weekend Spotlight: Eclectic Funk, Some Chill Jazz and Mexican Pop-Up


    We’ve got a couple of fun and funky things to do this weekend while you’re all out and about. Although Friday night into Saturday will be bringing some light snow, 所有项目都在周四和周日, 所以趁早离开吧!




    If you’re looking for a vibe that is adult, 寒冷, 折衷的, and doesn’t have a whiff of the holidays in it, first go check out the new underground beer and wine bar I just covered, 索菲娅, 下午4点.m. 带上你自己的唱片——他们喜欢这样! 然后, go to The Underground Lounge (in the basement of the Basil Burwell Community Theater-17 Court Street) to see BoneBroth. Their PR states: “Spearheaded by irrepressible fiddler Cara Lauzon, an inveterate traveler who incorporates musical ideas from dozens of countries, BoneBroth创造了一个独特的, 世界音乐的即兴酿造, 巴尔干半岛的旋律, 还有时髦的节奏. Rounding out the band is veteran guitarist Eenor (Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade), 贝斯手埃里克·哈尔西, 鼓手杰森·迪恩, 以及说唱歌手马特奥·门多萨.“下午6点半开门.m. 演出晚上7点开始.m. Tickets: Only $10; cash only at the door. FMI: BoneBroth

    里摩日 & Dot 's的巴恩斯


    If you haven’t been to 点的 Market in Lincolnville in a while, it’s a nice change of pace. They have tables and WiFi to enjoy a cup of coffee, barista drinks and teas along with their homemade muffins, 烤饼, 羊角面包, 蛋卷, 和三明治. 爱丽丝·利摩日(讽刺地说) 在线赌博做了一个故事 about her at 点的 back in 2014) along with Bill Barnes, neice, 贝拉巴恩斯, and Abby Aldridge-Peacock will be putting on a performance of original music, 爵士乐, 下午2点到4点还有一些节日最爱.m. 然后 take a walk over to Lincolnville Beach. It’s super nice in the winter when no one is around. 请查看 不太知名的画廊和商店 在比较安静的月份里. A $20 donation is suggested, but no one will be turned away. FMI: 点的




    佩诺布斯考特湾语言学校 (28 Gay Street)  is going to teach you the meaning of “Las Posadas” (the inns) with a holiday party celebrating Mexican holiday traditions and fare from 1 to 4 p.m. Traditional snacks from Mexico will be provided (including tacos de canasta, 鳄梨色拉酱, ponche, gelatina, 以及其他地道的美食!) A Maine family with strong family ties to their Mexican heritage is behind this event. This event is open to the public, with a suggested $5-$10 donation (网上或上门). FMI: 佩诺布斯考特湾语言学校

    Note: there will be no Weekend Spotlight next weekend. 节日快乐!